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From the first century CE, Barnabas, the Cypriot Levite, was given to hospitality, as a "Son of encouragement." That ancient tradition of "Kopiaste," Greek for "travelers' welcome," is a priority to all of us here at Gateways. In the last nearly decade, we have received many ministry leaders and workers from the Middle East, as well as students, guests and visitors, worldwide. Our goal is that folks will leave rested, refreshed, energized, eager to return.

We are situated on the southern half of the island, known as the Greek side. The ministry base is nestled in the small mountain village of Moniatis, a peaceful haven just 30 kilometers north of the coastal city of Limassol. Ideally located in between the mountains and the sea, we enjoy both the serenity of village life and the beauty of the Mediterranean beaches within half an hour's drive.

For more Information email: hospitality@gatewaysbeyond.org


Gateways Beyond Hospitality Coordinator

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