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Forgotten Seed

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For several years, the Gateways community has been cultivating a heart for Germany and has dedicated a day a week to focus intercession towards this land and people. This year the release came to launch a team from Cyprus to Germany for a more extended season, in similar fashion as last year’s 40 Days of Fire in Geneva . It was a significant time of connection with God’s divine purpose for a nation, a region, a village, and our own lives. We did not realize until our day of departure that we had been there exactly 40 days—and truly it was a season of fire.

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We traveled around eastern Germany to minister and fellowship with churches, encourage local leaders, deepen friendships, and join with some fiery youth to cry out for greater breakthrough. We went to Pölzig, Marienberg, and Dresden in each of which we saw God do mighty things. There were healings of wounds; reconciliation between generations and families; and rediscoveries of visions and callings.

Our base was Herrnhut , “the Lord’s Watch,” where God used a wealthy aristocrat, Count Zinzendorf, and a group of people fleeing religious persecution to create a missions-sending community which continued a 24/7 prayer meeting that lasted over a hundred years. The legacy of Herrnhut has long been an inspiration to the leaders of Gateways Beyond, encapsulating our own heart for community, worship, and missions.

In Herrnhut, our time was focused on serving the Jesus-Haus. Pastor Frank Hottenbacher and the elders of the church were eager for us to join in with them and to live our lifestyle of community amongst them. Our weeks were full of times of worship and intercession, fellowshipping, encouraging and praying for one another, and serving practically alongside this dedicated staff.

The Lord had given us a phrase that became our theme: Forgotten Seed—unveiling the treasures of our inheritance. We believe the seeds of revival have long been in the soil in Germany and, though the ground may be hard and cracked, when the rain of God pours down, seeds that have lain dormant and silent will spring forth and bear a great harvest.

For the Streams in the Desert conference in Herrnhut, the Lord gave us the verses Isaiah 35:5–7 and, on that weekend, we saw God restore vision to those who had lost heart. We witnessed people hear and respond once again to the call of God on their lives. The most reserved and traditional of men could not contain themselves in response to the new life awakening in them; those whose tongues had been restrained, released songs and prayers and cries.

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This season of breaking forth was not only for the people of Germany, but also for each of us on the team. We felt embraced by those we came to serve and were inspired to see them press through and yearn for more. We look forward to the great work God will continue in all of us.

To read more about this Outreach, click here .  To see a photo slideshow in English, click here; to watch it in German, click here.

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