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INTIMACY WITH THE FATHER – Understanding the character and ways of God. Learning to hear & obey the voice of God. Developing a personal devotional life.

PROPHETIC WORSHIP & INTERCESSION – Building devotional and corporate altars of worship and prayer that are foundational to the student’s walk with the Lord. Appreciating cultural diversity in worship. Identifying with Yeshua’s heart and burden for all peoples.

CHARACTER BUILDING DISCIPLESHIP – Providing opportunities for the student to grow in character by being placed in an environment that challenges he/she to be more conformed to the image of Messiah.

JEWISH ROOTS – Teaching from a first century, apostolic, Jewish rooted perspective. Celebrating the life cycles of Shabbat and the Festivals of Israel. Training in righteousness through a Torah-centered lifestyle.

IDENTITY & DESTINY – Understanding ‘who we are’ and ‘where we’re going’ in relationship to the Lord. Cleansing and freedom from generational curses and bondages that have hindered the student’s spiritual growth.

MESSIANIC JEWISH WORLD OUTREACH – Reaching out to God’s ancient people and becoming "a light to the nations". Cultivating a heart for the poorest of the poor.

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