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Location: Cyprus


Strategically located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, 40 miles south of Turkey, Cyprus is an ancient crossroads for Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Having just become a full member of the European Union, Cyprus enables Europe to be only 44 minutes west of Israel by air. We believe that God has a ‘Kairos’ plan for Cyprus in these “last hours” and that it will be used to heighten intercessory prayer and prophetic worship into the Middle East.

Location: Geneva


Gateways Beyond Geneva seeks to help unlock the potential for influence in the key city of Geneva, Switzerland that will lead to revival in the neighboring countries of Europe and beyond. Yes, the vision is big. Our part? To establish a ministry base—a worship, training and outreach hub—that will serve to strengthen and equip the Body in Geneva to work together toward this end.

Location: Spokane


GBNW is an expression of Gateways Beyond International and is therefore a messianic missional community committed to sharing a life of daily worship and prayer, discipleship training, and world outreach. Above all else we seek to hasten the soon return of the Lord. GBNW desires to create a revival community that unlocks inheritance both in individual lives and in the region. We desire to be a people of honor, restoring value to the ancient wells of resource, refuge and healing in the Northwest.

Location: Herrnhut


The legacy of Herrnhut, together with our Jewish roots of the faith and expressions of Celtic Christianity, has been a primary inspiration for Gateways Beyond. It encapsulates our heart for community, worship, and missions. This fertile soil holds the seeds of inheritance and mighty revival—planted with forgiveness, reconciliation, and unity of heart through the Holy Spirit. As a Messianic ministry and part of the “one new man” (Ephesians 2:15), we believe that this shall be the continued testimony shining even brighter in the days to come. We want to live in the shout of this testimony.

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