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Gateways Beyond International is a messianic missional community committed to sharing a life of daily worship and prayer, discipleship training and world outreach.


GATEWAYS TRAINING SCHOOL - an intensive discipleship program to train, equip and launch emerging leaders into world outreach • teaching them to grow in the character of Jesus • imparting an understanding of God's heart for Israel • preparing them to lead by serving and releasing them to multiply the same in others.

WORSHIP & PRAYER - ministering to the Lord as the priority of all we do • creating an open heaven • connecting heaven and earth to release the Kingdom of God in power • training others in their role as a royal priesthood.

ISRAEL & THE JEWISH PEOPLE - interceding for the purposes of God in the nation of Israel • serving Jewish communities practically • imparting a love for Israel and the Jewish people • building bridges of reconciliation between the Church and Israel • assisting Jewish people to return to Israel in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

OUTREACH & EVANGELISM - sending teams out to be a light to the world, bringing salvation, healing, and deliverance • ministering on the streets through music, dance and preaching the Gospel • encouraging local believers and strengthening church, business and government leaders.

MINISTRY TO THE POOR - serving in orphanages, refugee camps, feeding centers and prisons • extending arms of love, words of hope and hands to help • giving financial aid to the poor in Israel, Ethiopia, Ukraine, central and eastern Europe.

COMMUNITY & HOSPITALITY - demonstrating to the world what it looks like when a community lives under the reign of God in every aspect of daily life • observing the weekly celebration of the Shabbat and the cycle of Biblical feasts • hosting full-time workers from the region who come to be refreshed and to hear the voice of the Lord in an atmosphere of worship.

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